Why Stage with Us?
Statistics show that Staged properties sell 80% faster, for 6-14% more money!


A Staged property will always look better on MLS, bringing more buyers to your door!

Let’s say your property was listed unfurnished and it took an average of 90 days to sell it unfurnished; by investing in staging your property, you could sell in a matter of 12 days! Keep your valuable advertising & interest dollars in your pocket. Properties we Stage have the appearance of model homes but feel like cozy places to live. Hiring us is the final step you need to take in order to turn the FOR SALE sign into SOLD.

Our services include beautiful furniture and accessories specially selected to perfect your property for showing. By scaling back the furniture, homebuyers are able to see the space they are buying and not fixate on the furniture.

Home Staging Package for vacant properties:

We first visit and analyze your property. All the furniture and accessories needed are planned in detail to prepare your property for showing. We then choose the perfect accessories, furniture and colours from our large inventory.

Once we are ready, we come back with it all and set it up. This process takes between 1-2 days to perfect, depending on availability.

For larger homes we recommend to stage the whole property or at least the main floor and the master suite.

For the rest of the rooms, the need to stage will depend on the size, view, and shape of the rooms. Smaller or odd shaped rooms should be staged as it is difficult for buyers to imagine what to do with an odd space. For condos, lofts and smaller houses, we strongly recommend to stage the whole property. You only have 3-6 minute to sell your property. It is best not to give the buyer any doubts about putting in an offer on yours before they leave.

Home Staging with us is a small investment in getting the sign to SOLD quickly & for more money!
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