Staging for Vacant Homes
We visit your property and do the analysis.

We plan in detail all the furniture and accessories needed to prepare your property for showing. We then search out the perfect colour and scale of furniture and accessories from our inventory. Once we are ready, we come back with it all and set it up.

This process takes between 1-2 days to perfect, depending on availability. For larger homes we recommend to stage the whole property or at least the main floor and the master suite. For the rest of the rooms, the need to stage will depend on the size, view, and shape of the rooms. Smaller or odd shaped rooms should be staged as it is difficult for buyers to imagine what to do with an odd space. For condos, lofts and smaller houses, we strongly recommend to stage the whole property. You only have 3-6 minute to sell your property. It is best not to give the buyer any doubts about putting in an offer on yours before they leave.

Home Staging with us is a small investment in getting the sign to SOLD quickly!

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